The sex doll body is made of semi-medical grade silicone, absolutely environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body.

The real touch, when your hand touches the doll, it feels like touching the skin of a real person, soft, delicate and elastic.

The sex doll has a supermodel-like sexy and perfect body, which exceeds 99% of women in the real world. Its plump breasts, sexy and fat buttocks, and deep-set nipples and lower body at a glance, seem to be a masterpiece of God.

The newly upgraded technology creates super realistic body details and brings you an absolute real experience.


Hyer-realistic Body Makeup:


Simulate joints to unlock various poses.

(The above is a comparison of the range of motion between the normal skeleton and the evo skeleton)

 Finally, when you choose various functions, the sex doll can also have the temperature of a real person, AI intelligent moaning pronunciation, vaginal suction, electric buttocks, there is no doubt that this is a truly perfect late-night companion.