Bettersexdoll now supports the following payment methods:

1.Credit card payments 

Credit card payments are the most common form of payment. Bettersexdoll accepts all major cards such as VISA/MASTER/JCB/DINERS CLUB/American Express. Paying with a credit card at BetterSexdoll is as easy as paying anywhere.

Visa Mastercard American Express Diners Club JCB  

Due to the high cost of sex dolls, your payment may not successfully go through. If you experience an unsuccessful transaction, here are our suggestions:

1 - When purchasing, check and make sure your balance is adequate.

2 - If you have a sufficient balance but still experiencing a failed transaction, please check to see if your credit or debit card has payment limits such as single payment limits or daily payment limits, etc.

3 - Check if you have activated the payment verification agreement on your credit card. If you have and still do not receive a verification of purchase, you may need to call the bank to confirm the purchase.

4 - In the event your payment was rejected by us, this may happen if the card has a history of rejected payments, please use another card. Otherwise, our system may require you to provide proof of card ownership ( this is a rare occasion )

5 - Please confirm that the information entered is correct (card number, expiration time, CSV information, etc.)

2.PayPal payment

PayPal is also a very popular payment method and easy to use. If you do not have a PayPal you can usually register within 2 minutes. It is very straightforward, in fact, we recommend you use PayPal for payment.  

Whether you use a credit card or PayPal, you can file for a dispute or apply for a refund, via PayPal or your credit card supplier, when you believe you are a victim of fraud, or if you simply are not satisfied with the products and service. This, hopefully, provides you with a full sense of financial security. Of course, you can also contact our online customer service direct for an easier and faster way of solving issues. We support a 30-day refund policy, click to view details.

We expect by the end of the first quarter of 2023 to be able to offer installment services, such as Klarna, so stay tuned !