Better Sex Doll is founded by a highly knowledgably sex doll entrepreneur with over four years of working experience in the industry. Over the course of more than 1,600 days he has served close to 2,000 happy customers and consulted nearly 10,000 people interested in all things sex doll related. He has visited more than 40 factories and has aided the industry's top manufacturers increase sales.

Being a sex doll enthusiast, he has also conducted in-depth studies on two major topics, product characteristics and transportation, covering various issues that currently plague buyers and sellers.

For product characteristics, some of those issues include sex doll weight, joint stiffness, body oiliness, colour dye, tear resistance, fading makeup, single faced expressions, overly mechanical sounding voice boxes, lower body positioning issues, heat resistance issues, and high and non-transparent pricing with vast differences in cost between manufacturers.

For transportation, issues include extremely high transportation costs, long product lead times, different import policies and laws, return and exchange policy issues, etc. These studies have given Better Sex Doll a better and more improved understanding of customer pain points.

With this new understanding, in combination with industry experience, Better Sex Doll has positioned itself to make better improvements across all segments of the industry, specifically, price, service, and continuing product R&D.

In short, it is Better Sex Doll's aim to lead and drive improvements throughout the entire sex doll space by bettering products, bettering services, and bettering prices.